Dear Sir/Madam

-Real Architect-

 A real professional architect effectively employs advanced knowledge and technique to ensure customer's satisfaction by making them live happily in the construction. This is the role that an architec shall play. However, despite the advanced knowledge and technique, it would be meaningless if "time" and "place" would not be selected and managed properly.
 The word "Tradition" has een transfered and reformed through periods of time. In present day that refined old traditional Japanese style ouse is decreasing, a house in pure traditional Japanese style doesn't need to be an easy to live house. However, the mindset of "Wa" or "Japaneseness" takes root among us. Why we, Japanese, sensitively react with the word "Wa"?
 Many times when a new house is built "I'd prefer western style" is often heard from customers. However, unknowingly, Jaanse cultures are around everywhere. For example, when you come to one's house entrance area you have to take your shoes off before you enter the house. These kind of manners are livingiself of Japan. Since the past, Japan has harvested all te good an exception, too. However, only the real authorized architect can create a western style house in harmonious with "Wa". This is the diamond techinique. Moreover, when 21st coexistence with nature, has been strongly demanded. The culture of the classic "Wa" tight came out of mindset that coexists with nature. As a house which is directly related to everyday life, not only the pursuit of the convenience, but thte gentle creation of sense of seasons as well as relaxation of heart is also important. We, therefore, propse the best living space for human.

Isamu Nakayama
President and Representative Director
Fujikengumi Corporation